Fix Epicor Discounts - Negative Invoices on Partial Shipments

When there’s an order head misc charge $ discount (set to FIRST) and it’s more than the first partial shipment, Epicor creates a negative invoice, which does not work properly with credit cards (they can’t issue a credit if there is no sale yet). The following shipment then doesn’t get the balance of the discount (since it’s set to FIRST invoice), so the customer is overcharged until AR issues a refund.

We want to get Epicor smart enough to apply the balance of the un-used discount to the rest of the shipment. How?

Is this a bug? Or working as designed and a limit of Epicor?

Customer orders $1000 of items - 5 lines at $200ea. Order has a $300 discount as a misc header charge, set to first. Order is set to ‘ship complete’, but we got behind, and customer needs the first line badly. We ship line 1 ($200), Epicor discounts -$300, creating a -$100 invoice. Credit card is not charged (aka $0).
Next shipment ships the balance of the order - Line 2, 3, 4, and 5 ($800 order line total), and the discount isn’t applied since it’s set to First. Customer is charged $800 on the credit card (overcharged $100, customer upset if they see it before we catch it).

Caveats (after discussing it internally):

  • This is for credit card sales
  • We need to ship partial to please the customer, even though the order is ‘Ship Complete’.
  • We don’t know it’s a partial shipment at the time of order, so sales is out of the loop.
  • We don’t want to slow down shipping dept by stopping the order (for sales to change the discount structure), since they are slammed and need the shipments to flow.
  • We don’t want to use % discount every, since the marketing events are set to fixed discounts (eg: $300 off $1000).
  • We don’t want to use line misc charge, since it would be tedious to have sales calculate the % to apply to each line (often we get 20+ line orders, and sales would not know which lines would be on the later shipment)

Oy veh…