Fixed/static labor cost

Can you set a fixed/static labor cost for manufactured parts (Finished Goods)? Executives want this, instead of Rate or Percent. I can’t find a way to do this unless you change the type to Purchased, which of course has no labor cost associated…

You can change the type of labor entry for the part so that it takes the amount that you have in the method.

If you set this up to be quantity only, then it uses what’s in the method and doesn’t adjust based on the actuals. So while it’s not a dollar amount, you probably want to have the estimates hours and rate for scheduling purposes.

What is the problem are trying to solve? They just don’t want it to change? Or they need the number in dollars?


That’s what I was trying to figure out and didn’t take the time to type out this question this morning.

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Thanks for the reply Brandon! They just want a set labor $ amount for specific FG parts.

Where would I put that $ amount in the Method?

They don’t have that. You have to put a rate and an time. This is also used for scheduling so it needs to multiply out. But it will be fixed if you use the report quantity only.

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Actually, you can use standard costing. Set that in cost adjustment. (Brain fart, I should have thought of that before)

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I believe you would have to use Roles and Role Rates to do what you are looking for. Especially if it is on certain items and not across the board.

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i will give those suggestions a try. there’s actually more to what I’m having to try and do, but this will give me something to try. thank you for the assist!

That’s what I was trying to discern so that we could give you a more complete answer. @Banderson tried to warn you of some considerations because I think he too was trying to understand what you were trying to do as a whole.