Fixing customization errors migrating from E9 to E10

I am working in E10 Test, which has the results of the initial migration of E9 to E10 including uplifting of various things such as customizations.

I tried to open the “Supplier” screen, but got an error that said there were compilation (?) errors and to open Developer Mode to fix them there. However, when I opened in developer mode, it was not clear to me what I was supposed to do next to fix the errors. I tried opening Customizations, then went to the Tools Menu and tried “Test Code” to see if it would tell me what the errors were. But instead, it said that the code compiled successfully!

However, the layout of the screen is still wrong. A particular element I was looking for did not appear to be present, and drilling down into the UI element hierarchy I noticed that several elements in E9 (I have customizations opened at the same time there) are missing in E10. The element I was looking for is there, but it is hidden under several other elements which are for some reason all overlaid on top of each other.

I tried exiting out and tell it not to save, but now when I try to open the Supplier screen outside of developer mode, it just opens with no errors, except that layout is still all wrong. I was hoping that I would actually be able to troubleshoot what was wrong and fix it while in developer mode, and when that failed, I assumed that it would leave things along and let me try again if I didn’t save anything.

Now I don’t know how to proceed, as it appears that things are still messed up but without Epicor realizing it. Any suggestions? How should I handle this sort of thing in the future?

It appears that the ordering of the fields in the Customization hierarchy is not the same in E10 as it is in E9. Is there some way to drag them around so I can make the E10 order match the E9 order? Simply dragging does not seem to work.

I’m trying to compare the fields one by one. In E10 when I click on an element in the Customization Tools Dialog, the corresponding field is selected (with the drag boxes) making it easy to see where the element actually is, especially if it is hidden. But in E9 when I click on the element this does not happen, the previously selected element stays selected. Is there some way to select the element from the Customization Tools Dialog so I can find it?

You should be able to click on the elements and they will highlight.

If that doesn’t work, you have location and size fields here which you can manipulate to find them


and no, there isn’t a way to change that (that I know of)

Yup! It’s E9 this does not work in though.

oh, sorry, I don’t know anything about E9.

Well the main question I have is about E10… E9 just doesn’t make it easy to find the field. However, that part turns out may not be important.

The main thing is how I can determine what the errors are in Developer Mode without them just disappearing without explanation - that does not leave an easy feeling in my stomach! Did I do something wrong or is it expected that it just silently “fixes” (hopefully correctly!) whatever was wrong without telling me?

Sometimes it will run a process when you first open it to uplift it. So that might have fixed what the issue was.

Ah, thanks for the info. I looked in the customization maintenance screen and this is what I saw:

One thing I am noticing is that there appear to be new fields added to this screen in E10. ( EpiBindings of VendorDetail.ShipViaCode, VendorDetail.ImporterOfRecord and VendorDetail.MaxLateDaysPORel) That could perhaps be part of the reason for the error.

I ran across this issue a few years ago, but I can’t remember the exact cause. I know I had to export the customization to xml and then remove parts of the customization one by one to find the cause. I also remember that occasionally when the customizations were upgraded, the controls did not get converted from Mfg to Ice.Lib. If you want, post your xml file and I’ll take a look.