Flag part for internal or external manufacturing

Hi All,
We currently have our components manufactured internal and externally.
Is there a way in Epicor when creating the job or bom that we can flag the components to be made externally or internally.
When purchasing goes to order these parts from the BOM It would be nice to have a flag External or Internal. That way they do not have to ask me, it would be on the BOM.
Is this an option?
Has anybody done this before
Or is this a customization issue.
Thanks In advance

when you have it manufactured externally, are you still supplying all the materials?
Note that the “proper” way to do this is to have an outside process operation on the part, and associate all the materials to be issued before sending the outside process. I have seen some companies put a “kitting operation” just before the outside process so that you know to gather up all the material to send to the supplier.
There is no official flag to specify inside/outside manufacturing, but this could be flagged in one of many optional ways:

  1. have a different product group or part class for the part… probably not the best option.
  2. Material / Assembly Analysis code. Probably one of the most underutilized fields. this is a field on the part table, and has its own sub table. You could create two different analysys codes, one for INTERNAL and one for EXTERNAL and assign it to each part. Then do whatever you want to do with this.
  3. User Defined field. Put a UD Field on the part, and flag it when external.
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