Force current dataview row to show in Classic grid?


I have an application where we print a tag for a row in a grid, then mark that row printed and move it to the bottom of the grid by in including the Printed_c column in the dataview sort.

I’m then selecting the first unprinted row that is eligible to print in the dataview. That works fine. But the grid is still showing the bottom of the grid contents and not the newly selected row, and we have to scroll up to find it. There could often be close to 100 rows in the grid, so it’s an inconvenience.

What’s a way to make the grid redisplay the selected row if it’s not already showing? Resetting to the top would work just fine. I just don’t want to change the selected row again.

I’ve tried: grid.Focus(), grid.Refresh(), grid.Show()



Update: a grid.DataBind() did it, but that seems kind of extreme. :slight_smile: