Forecast loaded but not loaded in timephase?

We currently load a forecast but don’t procure or plan to it. FInance uses it for financial projections. The problem is that when we run MRP, it does use this loaded forecast as it appears in TimePhase.

Is there a way to load a forecast just for Finance and not for supply planning in timephase?

They could use the Budgeting functionality in the GL.

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I appreciate your response but could you elaborate?

MRP forecast is specific for that purpose and it DOES drive the system to make suggestions. It is not designed for financial forecasting outside of its intended purpose.
There is a budgeting module in Kinetic finances… you can add budgets, but it is not down to the part number. It is used to budget down to the account level.


Do you think that they could use Advance Planning to run a What-If schedule and extend out the suggestions to get an idea on various forecasts?

@Clambert , what is the forecast against? Parts or Customers?

Parts by month, required by Customer. Loaded, visible in Timephase, actioned via job or PO.

one possible option would be to create a second SITE, copy all the PartPlant records to the new site, and then do forecast quantities there… Since it is a second site, the demands would not drive any purchases.

Yes…but that seems rather complicated just to show actual cash projections. I see your point though.