Foreign Key data Views in 8.03.305I

I'm working on a Job Entry app customization that, on the face of it, would seem most easily accomplished via creation of some appropriate chain of foreign key data views and/or foreign key multi views and/or subtables.

Specifically, I'm trying to establish a link (or series of links) from NV: JobHead.SchedCode to the SchedPri table in order to make the SchedPri.BackwardsSched value of the a Job record loaded in Job Entry accessible for use in event driven customizations.

Every effort to do so has eluded me after having tried (seemingly) endless combinations of FKVs and Subtables to establish the relationship.

According to the help file:

"You can create foreign key views for any Query Result or Data View that has a field that lets you search by its record (GetByID) identifier. You can then create a view based on this field's value.".

SchedPri does have a GetByID method for the SchedPriAdapter so I'm lost as to why this seemingly simple task is confounding me.
I suspect the .NET OOP learning curve I'm still working through is giving me the false impression that what I'm trying to accomplish is doable.

Bolstering that suspicion is the fact that I see no references to the SchedPri table itself in the Dataset Relationships tracker. This suggests to me that no parent/child relationships exist that I can then leverage to add the FKV or Subtable view I'm looking to establish.

Any advice out there?


Rob Brown
Versa Products

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