Form Customization / Blank Form

Is there a way to create a new form as a customization? I want to create a new menu item and have it launch a blank customized form. Is there a suggested based form I should use?

U use the UDforms for that. There is some tweaking to be done, which is well documented in this blog to make it clean, no sidebars and search pane…

Create your menu, use Ice.UI.UDxxEntry.dll as the program. that’s it.
Once you open it save as another version , then that version will have to be added to the menu item config in personalisation section.



Was “this blog” supposed to be a link?

but here is a start…

Creating a new black form

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I am experiencing with a WinForm in C#. I created an menu item and specified the .exe. My only concern is deployment. If it can auto deploy (magically) lol it would solve my problem.

If it fails, I will try the UDForm route.

Remember that the WinForm is consuming another license but the UDForm won’t - if that’s a consideration. Also, the UDForm will upgrade without recompiling when the DLLs change.

Mark W.