Form Read Only attribute propagates with "Open With ..." forms

When a form is opened from a menu with the Read Only = TRUE, any form that can be launched using “Open With…” should be launched as Read Only as well.

For example,

  1. Create a sec group READONLY
  2. I disallow access for group READONLY, to all top level menus (Sales Mngmnt, Production Mngmnt, etc…)
  3. Add a top level folder named “Read Only”, and allow sec group READONLY to access it.
  4. Add a menu item to folder “Read Only”, for PartTracker, and set the menu’s Read Only to true

Now if a user in group READONLY logs in, they only see one folder - “Read Only”. In that folder they see Part Tracker, and can launch it. From within the PartTracker window, they can right click and use “Open With … Part Entry”. Now the PartEntry screen that launches is not Read Only.