Forms not Translating

We have loaded the Mexico language pack in our Epicor environment.
When I change my language, it shows it loading all of the translations, then the menus show up as translated, but the forms do not.
Another user shows everything of his is translated–menus and forms.
(I know that custom stuff needs to be loaded still, but I’m talking the native fields).
I have tried switching the language on the fly as well as setting it in my user login.
I’ve also cleared the cache, but the forms still do not translate.
What am I missing?

The language of the form is determined by the entity getting that form (customer, supplier, …).

I WISH that language could be set as a report option because you may want it in two languages.

If I’m opening it from the main menu, which is in Spanish, shouldn’t the Sales Order form be in Spanish as well?

I think I’m hearing form as PDF (SSRS) and not SOForm and WinForm. Yes, your Order Entry form should be in Spanish.

Of course, any customizations you have done (labels you’ve added) will not be translated. (See previous enhancement request) but the standard fields should be. What happens if you call up the base form?

Either I’m extremely fluent and didn’t know it, or it’s still in English.
Even the caching message that shows up, “Downloading from Server”, is in Spanish for Randy, but English for me.

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Did you log out and back in after setting your userID to use mx/es? Are you getting any Spanish at all? Did you change the language in User Account Maintenance or just from your Desktop?

Did you try it by deleting The Epicor folder under ProgramData, and restart Epicor?

For us, changing the language from english to french works all over.

Yes, I logged out and back in.
Yes, I set it on my userID.
I’m getting Spanish on the Main Menu paths, but not within a screen like Order Entry.
I changed it in User Account Maintenance.

@Hogardy – Yes, I deleted the cache folder and restarted Epicor to no avail.

But Randy is seeing the correct behavior? It’s just you? What if you log into Randy’s computer?

Just lil ole me.
So far as I can tell, we’re configured the same.

As a User logs in, the system looks to see what language they are assigned (Epicor User record) and it does a quick check to see if that language has been updated since it was last run on that Client. If there was a change since last run or the language was not previously installed, the Client generates the set of Client side Satellite resource Assemblies needed by the menu when it runs - the Menu itself is translated as it is retrieved and is a memory resident structure.

The Satellite Assemblies are built by taking the Resource strings of the base UI DLLs and then getting the language specific replacement strings from the Server (database). The Assemblies are compiled and written to a language directory created under the Client directory. The usage and location of the Satellite Assemblies are pure .NET. When I set my user to Mexican Spanish and logged in, the system created the directory folder “es-MX” in my Client directory and wrote the compiled resource DLLs to it.

Once the Menu has loaded, any time you attempt to launch a UI that does not yet have a Satellite Assembly created, the system is supposed to detect that condition and then create the Satellite Assemblies for all the Assemblies used / referenced by the UI being loaded. There is also a “mass generation” process that will create all the Satellite Assemblies at once so there is no intermittent delay with loading a UI.

If you are getting the Menu in the correct language but not the UI Forms, that is an indication the system is not able to create or write out the Satellite resource DLLs. This can be caused by the physical folder location of the Client (is it in a Windows Managed Structure like Program Files), the user permissions to the Client Folder, and sometimes virus prevention routines will also disallow.

You need to make sure that your Windows User has the necessary permissions to update the Client Directory.


@Rich I see the folder with the resource files in my client, but it still does not load the UI form with the Spanish translation, which is set in my user account.

The File names don’t look right - they should be DLLs. What version are you running and do you have Visual Studio installed - if so what version.

You may need to update your system with the DLLs from a system that is working correctly.

We’re running and I have Visual Studio 2017 installed.
I’ll check Randy’s computer to see if he has DLLs vs resource files.

Edit: Yes–has the DLLs.
Why did his download DLLs and mine download resource files? Does that have something to do with VS?

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Possible it’s a VS2017 issue, I’m still running VS2015 on my computer.

DLLs are not downloaded - they are created locally. We had an issue with one of the updates to VS 2017 that broke a number of the Epicor on the fly DLL creation touch points and you may have run into that.

Is there a resolution for that? If so, I’ll open up a support ticket.
Otherwise, is my only course of action to downgrade to VS2015?

Looks like it was a security thing after all.
When I set my user to Full Control, it didn’t seem to stick.
I opened Epicor as Admin and it created the DLLs.