Do any one have the below forms customized in SSRS? Is it possible to share it without any data and logo? since we are new to Epicor, the available standard format in E10 is not good and its extremely time taking to modify the forms. I would appreciate if any one can share the customized forms and I can do less modifications in that.
2)Purchase Order
3)Sales Order
4)Order Acknowledgement
5)Credit Memo
6)Packing Slip


Every form is customized to your own company needs and specifications, me giving you mine won’t do anything for you.

We don’t know what you need or don’t need on the forms, each company is unique… maybe I don’t do taxes so I removed all tax calculations from my forms? How are you going to know what I changed? Also generally you need to change the RDD which is separate from the SSRS form…

I’m not-certain that what you are asking here is realistic or that it will be helpful to you or your company in any way.

Thanks for the quick response. I agree each company is unique with their specifications but the above requested forms are generic ones and 90% of the content will have to remain the same with few additions and deletions. Where I can spend less time in doing those few additions and deletions of those forms so that I can save more time.
Hence requested, format of the forms without data and logo. It would be a great help if I get those formats of the above forms.

the delivered forms are 100% complete and there is nothing to do in order to use them “as is” out-of-the-box.
requesting someone else’s form would actually make your task more difficult as you would need to consider customizations that are made which may or may not have any use for your installation.
if you are looking for forms help there are many users here who would assist you to address individual programmatic challenges.
but just dumping a custom batch of forms from another installation is IMHO a step in the wrong direction

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ok Thanks! I will work on it.