Forward to procedure 9.05.700C

I have to say I haven't, I have been trying to nut out how to use the Forward to procedure with little success.

I am at a bit of a loss as to the process.  The online help is the best information I can find and to be honest it is confusing.

I was hoping to use the Forward to procedure to fix a "index and length must refer to a location within the string error" that I keep on getting what appears to happen when I add too much ABL to an action.  Alas I can't get the Forward to procedure to work.

A bit annoying really as all I wanted to do was add some additional logic to an email addresses in the BPM.  Now I have wasted way too much time.

What is the path supposed to look like in the field that gets activated when you select Forward to procedure.

I am trying to get this to work on the post processing directive of HelpDesk.Update.  We are on 9.05.701

Any tips appreciated.

Simon Hall
Has anyone tried using callcontextbpmdata in a post process asynch forward to procedure file before? For some reason I'm not able to access the values I stored in the callcontext data fields within the procedure. I know the data is at least there in the post process as I can see it in a message box. So what my log file tells me is find first for ttLaborDtl failed. Code from procedure below..

{core/UserDefinedData.i "new global"}

procedure UpdateAfter:

define input-output parameter dataset for LaborDataSet.


/* Find Release & add Born on Date */
for each ttLaborDtl no-lock.
find first LaborDtl where LaborDtl.Company = Cur-Comp and LaborDtl.LaborDtlSeq = ttCallContextbpmdata.Number03.
If avail LaborDtl then DO:
Find first JobOper where JobOper.Company = Cur-Comp and JobOper.JobNum = ttCallContextBPMData.ShortChar01 and JobOper.AssemblySeq = ttCallContextBPMData.Number01 and JobOper.OprSeq = ttCallContextBPMData.Number02.
If avail JobOper then DO:
assign JobOper.CheckBox07 = true.

end procedure.

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