Frideas! 6/14/2024

@fakhruddin had submitted the same exact idea way back in 2020!

Generated Reports with dynamic PDF file | Epicor Kinetic Ideas Portal (


And it’s just a temporary password.

Decisions like this at Epicor is how they lose customers.
My execs are telling me, “obviously they don’t know what they’re doing at Epicor; let’s ditch them.”

How can we advocate Epicor when stuff like 135 char temp pw is generated?

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They owned it.


I received an update on my PRB this morning that the fix is “in testing” so hopefully that means a hotfix is coming.

Does this happen to anybody else? When I click the view idea button in an aha notification, it takes me to the old aha site with the banner on it instead of the new site. I thought it was just a temporary issue but the new site has been out for a long time now. When will this be fixed? @timshuwy

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That’s good news. My case was promptly closed by Supporttelling me I am SOL.

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Sometimes you got to push back on dismissals from Support.

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Hmmm… which type of notification did you receive? was this because an idea was changed, and Aha sent you a notification of that?

It notified me that you commented on my idea.

Yes those emails have:


thank you for alerting me. I have forwarded this onto the Project Management team responsible for those outgoing automated emails. I am assuming that it is something that we need to adjust in our email template.