FRx and Multiple Companies

We run three companies in our Vantage 6.1 DB. I have FRx setup for one so far. CFO wants to be able to export to FRx seperately for each company without wiping out the SQL Server database that contains the financial data. The main company export takes 3-4 hours.

Is anyone doing this and if so could you provide some guidance before I spend a lot of time trying to figure it out (and maybe finding it is not possible)?

My take on this for now is that I would have to:
1) One time - Copy the existing FRxData database in SQL Server to two others (FRxDataB and FRxDataC)
2) One time - Set the other two companies up to point to their new DB
3) As needed - Run the Export in each company to recreate/populate their DB
4) Point the Report designer (and FRx32.exe) to the correct DB

This last is the hard part. Is there any sort of command line interface to use in the shortcut to have FRx use a specific set of settings that point to a specific DB? My boss may have three icons on his desk top but each would open the appropriate DB. Otherwise I think he would have to alter the settings to replace references to FRxData to be the data set of choice.

Or perhaps I am way off base.

Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.

Todd Caughey
Harvey Vogel Mfg. Co.

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