FRX Report Page Breaks

Hello all,

I'm really new to FRx. I have been assigned the task of creating a
trending department expense report that page breaks and prints a new
page for each department. I have all my natural account codes pulled
into report designer (link to general ledger), and all my totaling
fields set (totaling all expenses per 'category' i.e. Salary and Wages,
Employee Benefits, Services and Supplies, etc.), as well as a grand
total at the bottom, and the final row has a row format of PB, to cause
a page break. We have about 40 different departments, and I need to
print a new sheet with the total expenses for every department. Is this
something that can be set in the Column Format? Can I even do what I
want without using a tree or printing seperate reports? Thanks in
advance for helping a newbie!