Fulfillment Workbench and Request Queue's

How do I get the Stock to Shipments to show up on the employee’s MRQ and My Material Queue?

Used Fulfillment Workbench and ‘Reserve and Release for Picking’ to send the two OLR’s to Picking. Assigned the Stock to shipments to Matt; clicked SAVE. STK-SHP transactions from above will not show up on Matt’s ‘Material Request Queue’ and ‘My Material Queue’. (See Attachment).

Just to make sure, that last picture (MRQ) is from Matt’s login?

Yes. Positive that it is Matt’s login

Does he have the following set in the Employee Maintenance?


I assume he’d need Shipping/Receiving for the STK-SHP, but you may want to check both just in case.

He has those settings. After some testing gave him warehouse manager too…just to see if it made a difference.

Issue resolved.

The problem was that Matt’s User name was associated with his Inactive employee ID…not sure how it was changed.

He had two ID’s because one was associated to him when he was a temp and changed when hired full time.

It would be nice if Epicor would only show Active Employees in dropdowns.

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