Fulfillment Workbench gets wrong order value

All –

We have a part – a widget – that we buy and sell in cases of 30 (CS030) but inventory as EACH. However, when we run the fulfillment workbench, it gets the right quantity but applies the case prices, so the dollar value is all messed up…

For example …

We buy the widget @ $30 per CS030 (case of 30)
We inventory the widget at $1 EACH
We sell the widget at $60 per CS030 (case of 30).

The sales order looks fine, but when we run the fulfillment workbench, it shows the sales order 30 to each of the 30 rather than recognizing that the purchase UOM is different from the IUM.

In the Part table, the part is set up with IUM = Each, Selling UM = CS030 and PUM = CS030.
Sales Unit price = $60.

How do I get the fulfillment workbench to apply the correct unit cost?



The fulfillment workbench picks up the sales price of 60 and applies it to all 30, not the purchase price of 30. So it’s 1800. Sorry, was trying to make the math easier.

More information / clarification

Widget is sold in cases of 30 (CS030) and inventoried as Each. When I run the fulfillment workbench and select the orders for this part, in the grid I see the following for an order of one case:

Our Req Qty: 30
UOM: Each (this is the inventory UOM)
Unit Price: 60 (this is the unit price per CS030, our selling UOM)
Ext Price: 1800 (this is wrong; it is applying the unit price for the selling UOM to the quantity measured in IUM).

How do I get the fulfillment workbench to reflect the correct order amount?

In Technical Details (under Field Help), neither the Unit Price nor the Ext Price has anything the DB Field field, but both haf OrderDtl.UnitPrice in the Like field.

Any ideas on how to make the information work?