Fulfillment Workbench

Can anyone enlighten me on how to work fulfillment WB or show me some helpful videos/threads. I’m not finding much for E9.

We get a bunch of orders in, we currently print orders off from sales order pick ticket but it always shows everything on that orders, well we have deactivated (inactive and run out) a lot of items but our customers sometimes wont update their items list so these inactive parts show up on the pick ticket which is unnecessary when picking.

With google I was suggested to use fulfillment workbench but I am so lost on how to work this and don’t want to mess anything up but trying to work with it to learn.

Please help me understand the use of fulfillment wb.

Thank you,

Shelbie, it’s in the Process chapter of the Advanced Material Management Course if you have that handy. Otherwise Chapter 5 of the Epicor Application User Guide. HTH…Monty.

the FWB can be confusing to the untrained eye, because it DOES take real training to understand:

  1. How it works
  2. Why it works
  3. what ALL the possible options are

From FWB, you can:

  1. reserve
  2. allocate
  3. generate pick tickets
  4. generate material queues

you can also decide what customer/products get priority while doing this…

The basic process is to Search, then calculate fulfillment, then select the ones you want and reserve/allocate/release for picking, etc.
but as @MontyMan suggested, you need to get out the course, the app user guide, and read the help files… even then, you may want to have an expert show you a few tricks.

While I see you are on E9, the concepts for FWB are much the same in new versions. Check out the ERP application User Guide on Epicweb - This is 10.2 - but as I said concepts are the same - Starting page shown

Is there a glossary anywhere that says how calculated values on the FWB are actually calculated? Before posting this message, I have reviewed:

Field Help
Application Help (this says “the quantity that has been fulfilled” - not very helpful)
Advanced Material Management Course
Application User Guide

I am trying to figure out what the calculation is behind “fulfilled” since it does not appear to be an actual database field.

One of our users wants to see certain fields from the FWB in a BAQ (to which we will add some other fields). So I need to be able to replicate the FWB columns in this query. “Fulfilled” hast me stumped. Based on an English-language definition, I would expect that the value in “Fulfilled” would be some number up to the amount of Our Req Qty.

However, I have the following situations:

  1. An order for 24 where both Allocated and Picked are 24 and so Fulfilled is 48. How can we fulfill more than the order?
  2. An order for 240 where Allocated is 192 and Picked is 240 and so Fulfilled is 432. Same question as above.

I would expect that the parts would move through a process - from Reserved to Allocated to Picking to Picked. I would not expect that a single part (a physical thing) could be characterized as simultaneously being in two of these steps.

But I am unable to locate any documentation that explains what action causes a part to move from one of these steps in the sequence t the next (assuming there actually is a sequence)

Anyone have any thoughts on this?

For our process, we are allocating stock using FWB and then picking using Epicor HH and the Material Queue.

If I allocate stock to an order, I would see the “Allocated” quantity change to match this allocated qty - for us, the Picking Qty column also changes to match because we have the tick box checked that says “Release to Picking” - it’s on one of the 2 popups that show when using Allocate by Lot Number.

Once picked by the warehouse team, it moves to “Picked”.

Once the Customer Shipment Entry screen has been used to create a Pack Slip, then the quantity moves to “Total Shipped” column.

That’s our flow - I have to say I never look at the “Fulfilled” column, and the help description doesn’t give any clues what that number represents either really!

look at the part allocation table… it will show the current quantity status for an individual sales order release as it moves through the reserved/alloc/pick/pack process.
Each Release has a separate record in this table… I think if you look at the data in this table it will become clear. This table is what the fulfillment workbench uses.

For this order, there are two rows in the PartAlloc table. One shows 24 allocated, the other shows 24 picked.

So it looks like “Fullfilled” = sum(Reserved + Allocated + Picking + Picked) across all rows for the order / line / release.

If this is the formula, I still do not understand why “Fulfilled” double-counts the same 24. Shouldn’t they be cleared from Allocated once they become Picked?

I can create a calculated field in the BAQ that adds up those four fields across all rows, but I was looking for some documentation that shows how the amount is actually calculated.

Remaining Qty is also a little weird: There is a line where Our Req Qty = 36, Remaining Qty = 36 and Fulfilled = 32. I would expect Remaining Qty = Our Req Qty - Fulfilled. So 4, not 36, in this case. Will try to hunt that one down as well.