Function to pickup Mass Shipment on Cust Ship Entry?

When the Mass Shipment button is hit, on Customer Shipment Entry, I need it to pull only open lines that have todays date or earlier.

Anyone done this? thoughts on how to do this?

I’m thinking maybe create a quick search that will return the values you want ? I am pretty sure you already have one there zOrderLine, maybe have a look at that one for start ?

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A BAQ search won’t work, I need this as automated as possible. Thinking, do you think a BPM could pick this up and do what is needed?

OK, I thought you meant you need to pull them in the search. A BPM could work. I would turn the trace logs on, do the mass shipments you want in the form and see what it does. Maybe a post-processing after GetNew on ShipHead. I would do this in a function though, possibly with CustID or CustNum as a parameter. Also, have a look in this forum. I am pretty sure I saw a couple of examples here with mass shipments.

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