Function-Widget Function Custom Code function

In developing a function within an function library, I had the very best of intentions to use widgets so I created the function with the “Add Widget Function” option when I am wishing I would have selected the highest “permissions” level of function.

I’m wondering if there is a way to promote the existing function to have the ability to add code in there as well? It looks like the copy function inherits the same widget-level access as the base function it’s copied from. Might be out of luck, but just wondering. That would be a cool feature if it exists!

Yeah that’s a pain you can (I believe) copy paste in the designer (widgets)

So if you make another function with the Widget with Code (which is the one I would always pick)

You should be able to paste your widgets from the first one in-there. (Assuming that functionality came over from BAQ/BPM Designer)


Oh boy that felt dirty, but good to know, thank you!!

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