Functions share with group

Has anyone gotten this to work? If you have multiple developers working on different functions in a library you can’t work on them at the same time, which seems ridiculous. We tried the share with group and that doesn’t seem to do anything, and the help is less than helpful.

You might need to change owner? Kind of like a BAQ.

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Yeah, you can do that, but it only allows one person at a time to work on the whole library, which is dumb. I could understand if it was owning an individual function, but it’s the whole library. The help files say that the the share with group is supposed to allow shared access.


Will anyone else do a quick test on this and see if this only happening for us?

@Aaron_Moreng , you use functions a lot don’t you?

I’m the only developer here, so it would be hard to test. :disappointed_relieved:

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Share it with some group manager has and log in as him?

Hmm, ok let me try that out

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Ok when I did a test, and shared it with a group (in this case I shared it with the default EfxPowerDeveloper group), it seemed to work fine

We are on 10.2.600.5

Alright, so it might be fixed in a later version. We are on 10.2.500.27

Thanks @Aaron_Moreng

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