FW: BPM on End Labor Activity

I've been asked to create a BPM on End Labor Activity (BPM Method:
Labor.Udate) to check if the operation is a final op and if it is, then
remind the user to check if all the material has been issued before
completing the op.

Has anyone done anything like this?

I created a simple BPM (based on Character01 field being blank) just to see
if I could get it to work. The problem I had was the warning message
prompted like it should but when you hit okay it closes the screen and does
the transaction, but I can't do an exception because we don't always issue

What I'd really like to do is create a BPM that checks if they were
selecting the Op as completed, and it was the final Op, and that all Mtl's
that were, NOT in the Hardware class, were issued. Before it would allow
you to End activity. However I don't have much SQL code knowledge to do so.

Might someone have some SQL code that maybe similar, that they might share,
that I may be able to use and edit?

Norman Hutchins

Network Administrator

Howell Laboratories, Inc.

Shively Labs


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