FW: Call id 387954 - How lead time work and how lead time being u p


I wonder do you all using the system PO suggestions to buy purchase
parts on-time. Presently v4.00 and v5.00 does not considering the
primary vendor lead-time for PO suggestions. I have logged this issue
and the following is the reply from support.


This is a known issue and is still being considered in Development.
see the document below.

Page ID 3548MPS

Steps to duplicate in MNTech's 4.00.802

1. Created part PBLead2 as a purchased non-stock part.

2. Did not set up a primary vendor for the part on the part/plant
Added a price break for vendor TimVen with a base unit price of $1.00.

3. Added the part as a material requirement to operation 10 of job 2037.
operation is scheduled to start 06/05/00. The purchase flag was
automatically checked and no vendor defaulted into the job material

4. Generated PO suggestions. The suggestion found the correct vendor and
price from the price break but ignored the lead time set up for the

Customer feels that if we can go to price break to get the correct
and price why are we ignoring the lead time?

I have added this issue to SCR 260, formerly AXL 10343, which currently
no planned release. Originally written about miscellaneous charges'
left out of PO suggestions, the SCR now applies to any information not
pulled in from vendor price breaks.