FW: Engine Crew Monographs - part 2

> For you tech heads out there.
> Goto http://www.progress.com/support/techpapers/ .... this is the home
> page for these Engine Crew Monographs.
> A collection of articles about Progress ...
> From the webpage :
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------
> ---------
> "Engine Crew Monographs are technical articles that discuss Progress
> products, explain how they function, and tell you how to use them more
> effectively. Subject matter is primarily related to the Progress Database,
> Networking, and Servers. The topics presented are thought to be of
> interest to Progress customers. The editor imagines that there is interest
> in a topic when many people ask questions about it.
> Warning: Most of these articles are highly technical and dull as dirt. You
> might fall asleep, fall out of your chair, and bump your head. Please
> fasten your seat belt before reading so you don't injure yourself."
> --------------------------------------------------------
> Dull as dirt ? Can't be - techheads live for this stuff -
> Todd Anderson
> J. Rubin & Co.