FW: firm status


Unfirm jobs are created by the MRP module in Vantage. If you do not have
the MRP module then all of your jobs in Vantage will be firm. You can
continue to mark order releases firm or unfirm as Sandy suggests without
"screwing anything up".

Hope this helps,

John Frost
Vantage Customer Account Manager
Epicor Software

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Any thoughts appreciated!

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> Subject: firm status
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> I can find the definition of a sales order line being checked as firm, but
> I can't find anywhere what the definition of firm on a job is. This is not
> a maintainable field on the job entry that I can see, and even if I don't
> have the sales line release marked as firm, when I create a job for the
> line it automatically marks the job as firm. Do you have any idea, or can
> you put something out on one-list, or should it just be a call to Epicore?
> I would like to use this field on the sales order screen, but I don't want
> to screw up anything.

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