FW: FW: Request Debit Memo

Thank you Eric
The Debit Memo Request is now created at the same time as the Material
is rejected.
However there is no value against the Debit Memo.
Do you know how I can get the price charged by the supplier to come
through automatically?

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From: Karen Taylor
Sent: 28 September 2000 16:17
To: Tony Foster
Subject: FW: [Vantage] FW: Request Debit Memo


The request debit memo is only available when the part is tied to a
directly such as from an incoming packing slip.

Eric Tolliver
Continental Industries Inc.
5456 E. Mcdowell Rd.
Mesa, Az 85215

We're trying to return discrepant material to a Supplier and Request a
Debit Memo.
The process I've been looking at is Non Conformance, Inspection
Processing followed by DMR Processing.
When Rejecting material in DMR Processing there is a check box for
'Request Debit Memo'
This check box is greyed out and I'm struggling to find out how to
activate it.

I would be grateful of any help on how to deal with Rejects and Credits
from Suppliers.
Thanks in advance.

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