FW: GL Account Issue **RESOLVED**

Thank you to those of you who responded.

I fixed the issue and found a bug in 404B.

We entered in the bulk of our GL data prior to moving to 404B from 305H.

All GL accounts entered in since being on 404B were bad. The PROGRESS_RECID column in the table GLACCT was duplicating its "unique" values. PROGRESS_RECID_IDENT_ is OK.

I was able to update the bad RECID's to something else high and unique and it solved the issue.

According to Epicor, this is a new bug in 404B.

Vic Drecchio
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TIMCO Aviation Services
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I figure while I'm on hold with Epicor, I'll send this out.

Weird problem:

In the Chart of Accounts maintenance, upon trying to modify the
description and saving I get an error "Record has been modified by
another user and couldn't be updated. Please press the Refresh button
and re-enter your changes." I do that and it never lets me save.


Anytime we attempt to post something to this account, for instance in
Journal Entry, we get an error "Invalid GLAcct, record does not exist"
even after selecting it from the search box.

Vantage SQL 404b

Any ideas?

Thank you in advance!!!


Vic Drecchio
ERP Administrator

TIMCO Aviation Services
Greensboro, NC
Email: vic.drecchio@...
Office: 336.668.4410 x3091
Mobile: 704.530.3092

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