FW: New changes concerning PO Suggestions and Timephase in the ne x

The 332 patch is available for download.

> There are going to be 3 changes in the upcoming patch that are NOT bug
> fixes but changes to functionality. They are:
> 1. The ability to delete a PO suggestion has been added. NOTE: The next
> time you generate PO suggestions it will put it right back if the
> requirement that generated it still exists .
> 2. Timephase will now look at the balanace at the end of the day to decide
> wether or not to give an exception message.
> Example:
> Assume I have a max on hand of 100 pcs.
> -Currently I have zero on hand.
> -On 10/4 the timephase shows first a PO receipt for 250 pcs and below
> it a job requirement for 200 pcs
> Currently, the timephase would show an exception of Above Max for the
> line containing the PO receipt even though at the
> end of the day it we will be well below the max at the end of 10/4.
> Starting with the next patch, no exception will be displayed
> on the PO receipt line of the timephase because we are looking at
> where we stand at the end of the day.
> 3. The PO release level will contain a checkbox titled Locked. If I check
> this box, generate po suggestions (and MRP if the customer
> has it will not generate any change suggestions for this release.
> Assume that you have contractually entered into an agreement
> where you have agreed to receive 100 pcs a month on the 1st of each
> month from a vendor. Currently, if you set up a po with multiple
> releases you may see change suggestions against the release to
> expedite/postpone or increase/decrease. Starting with the next
> patch, locked releases will not be touched by the suggestion routine.
> Example:
> I have 2 jobs that each have a material requirement of 150pcs coming from
> stock. Both jobs are scheduled to need the material on 10/4/01. I have no
> on-hand quantity in inventory. PO Suggestions will generate a po for 300
> pcs. We turn the suggestion into a PO.
> Now, assume that the scheduler pushes out one of the above jobs so that
> the material for it is not needed until 10/30/01.
> Currently, PO suggestions will suggest to decrease the existing PO and put
> a new suggestion out for 10/30 for the remaining 150 pcs.
> If I had locked the PO release for the 300 pcs due 10/4, PO suggestions
> will suggest nothing. You have in effect told the PO Suggestion routine
> that you are receiving 300 pcs on the 4th regardless of when or if it is
> needed.
> In this example, if the material had a days of supply value greater than
> 26 days, the results would have been similar to the locking option, but
> many customers state that they want to be more toward the just in time
> side of the spectrum to use days of supply for all of their parts. Giving
> them the Lock box adds flexibility for those customers.
> Tim