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Dina, here's what my payroll guru has to say....

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After you set up the deduction in Payroll Maintenance, you will go into the
employee's individual file and set up the deduction. When you add that
deduction, there are fields in the middle of the screen (limit fields).
Check limit is the largest amount Vantage will allow to be taken out per
payroll - even if you set up the amount to be deducted as more than the
check limit.

Monthly Limit is the one you will need to use. Figure out the most that can
be deducted each month. Once that total amount is deducted, Vantage will
not allow any more until the first payroll in the next month. These fields
are very helpful for us.

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Subject: [Vantage] Payroll - Wage Attachment

I have an employee that I need to setup a wage attachment. But
according to the court order - the months that we have a 3 pay - pay
period we are not to deduct the money on the 3rd pay. Does anyone know
how I can set this up in payroll so it will not deduct on that third