FW: problem upgrading to 5.0

I had services admin service and progress OFF in services. I was told to
uninstall the progress by vantage tech support person. I think that some
other program is using this executable file _mprosrv.exe besides vantage
5.0. Anyway, anyone got any problems like this?

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Subject: problem upgrading to 5.0

Is anyone having problems upgrading vantage 5.0? I tried to run schema
changes for 10 hours and it froze up on me so I rebooted the machine and now
I get the Dr. Watson Error _mprosrv.exe when I attempt to open progress
explorer tool. I tried to uninstall progress but it keep telling me that
it's in use even though it's not in the task manager. I am still waiting for
the helpdesk support to help me but I thought I'd tried this egroups first.

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