Fw: Vantage 8.03 and MS Office integration on Terminal Se

Here's the best argument I've heard so far for Outlook on Terminal Server... for integration with Knowledge Worker. We have Excel and Word on TS but to generate finished documents with OpenEdge. But you can copy/paste from your desktop Excel into TS Vantage without Excel being on TS.

We aren't ready for Knowledge Worker yet. Viewed the video of Advanced Print Management but it was more about APM+ than APM. Any insight from APM users would help us decide whether to get it, even if you're not using TS. Thanks.

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Going forward and using information worker you might want the office capability. Or if the users are going to be updating grids via excel. But that would be about it I think.

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Subject: [Vantage] Vantage 8.03 and MS Office integration on Terminal Server

We are in the early stages of a Vantage 8.03 implementation and have a question regarding the need or desire for Vantage and MS Office integration. This issue also relates to Terminal Services.

With the high client computer requirements for Vantage 8 and for one of our remote sites, we will be using Terminal Services for the vast majority or our Vantage users. What I have now realized is the possible additional licensing needs of MS Office on the terminal server. Even though all clients have a local Office license, in almost every case this license does not permit them to use Office on the terminal server. I would need to purchase a Office license for each "device".

Can anyone comment on where we would need or may desire MS Office and Vantage integration? In other words, can we get by without access to Office on the Terminal Server.

I would greatly appreciate any comments. Thanks,


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