FW: Vantage Database Migration

From our VP, Rodger Vojcek, at Loc Performance.
Pat Kabel
Loc Performance
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> From: Rodger Vojcek
> Sent: Monday, August 14, 2000 10:31 PM
> To: Pat Kabel
> Subject: Vantage Database
> I am certainly not going to tell EPICOR how to run their business;
> however, a move to SQL from Progress is a dangerous one. I would agree
> with the comment that Progress has been a fine performer; however, I do
> believe that Progress needs to make some changes to better complete with
> some of the flexibility of SQL. The problem I have is that SQL, and
> basically any MS product, does not have the rigorous reliability that I
> require - and that everyone should demand. Pardon my soap-boxing, but
> there are better products out there, which in some instances are cheaper
> and easier to use/maintain. So why would EPICOR want to complicate things
> more, and risk alienating (I would venture to estimate) a significant
> portion of the current client base by moving in that direction. Even if
> EPICOR had both platforms available, reality would indicate that some area
> of one or the other platform will suffer initially - which likely will be
> in product development/enhancement of the Progress version.
> I would recommend that current users - customers - of Vantage start asking
> for commitments from EPICOR for continued development on the Progress
> platform, regardless of what is planned for the future. We don't want
> them to forget about their promise a major product enhancement/upgrade
> every year. In the case of Loc, that is the majority reason why we pay
> for our yearly Maintenance Agreement.