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Good morning,

On the Vantage MES screen a new report button was made available late
last week called "Job Pick List". This was added via a suggestion made
by Mike Pechacek.

Use the Job Pick List to list material requirements for jobs selected.
Both inventory and purchased materials can be included. Inventory
materials are listed in a format useful for entering issue quantities
directly on the report. Printing with barcodes can make it easy to use
the barcode scanner to enter Part Numbers and bin locations.

Important Note: If all materials have already been picked/issued or
this Job happens to be Completed/Closed then this report will not show
any results or display.

If you are ever confused remember that you may always double-click on
the Vantage System Monitor icon in the lower right corner of your
desktop. It looks like this:

Once you double-click on this icon it displays a tabbed screen showing
all users' recent reports printed. This allows you to perhaps see your
report and note the "Last Action" column. It may give you a clue as to
why it didn't print. If you are still in need of an explanation or
assistance regarding this report or how the System Monitor works, please
email the Aerosystems Helpdesk
%20SysMon> which is reserved for Vantage and ProFILE related support.

Vic Drecchio
ERP Administrator

TIMCO Aviation Services
Greensboro, NC
Email: vic.drecchio@...
Mobile: 704.530.3092

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