Fwd: Progress DB Performance Tuning Guide and Slides


Found some Progress DB tuning articles that might be of interest to
Vantage DBA types. Even though they claim to be "simple" tweaks, you
will still need to know your way around the Progress Explorer to use
these; they're also written for command-line Linux Progress, but all
the terminology is the same. I'd be very curious to hear from anyone
that applies any of these to their Vantage DB.

-Wayne Cox
Twenty Three, Inc. -- Information Technology Consulting
828-685-2338 or 866-550-2323 www.xxiii.com

> PEG member and Progress Software Wizard Gus Björklund has made
> available a new Performance Tuning monograph and the slides
> from his Exchange 2006 Presentation on Performance Tuning.
> You can find them in the techpapers section of the PEG web site:
> http://www.peg.com/techpapers/
> The Performance Tuning monograph is located at
> http://www.peg.com/techpapers/tuning_oe_rdbms_ex_06_final.pdf
> The slides can be found at
> http://www.peg.com/techpapers/Exchange_06_OE_RDBMS_Tuning_03.pdf
> ........
> If you're not really a DBA, but you are responsible for maintaining
> a progress database, I highly recommend picking up the slides from
> Gus's presentation at a minimum. It contains 9 simple steps to making
> your databases run faster.