Garbage In my Datagrid - Nothing Custom - Base UI

Anyone seen screens loading with general garbage where the datagrid would be? If I load data into the grids, the data shows up, so seems to be a repaint issue. Happening on several screens. anyone?

Are you running this on RDS / Citrix?

Running Epicor as a Remote App. When the user RDPs into a machine and runs the Epicor client locally, everything is fine. Running as a remote app, the garbage shows up … only in datagrids … only for that user.

Does the appearance fix itself once data is loaded in the grid? And if enough rows of data are in the grid, do they cover what you show? Or is that on top of the data rows?

Double check that a theme hasn’t been applied. Because it kind of looks like an image is being repeated as the background for the grid.

The datagridrows overlay the garbage (sorry, I cannot come up with better phrasing there) however, if it takes 3 rows to overlay and there are only 2 rows returned, then the garbage still appears underneath.

Scrolling, moving the screen around, and other such events who typically cause a screen to repaint or invalidate do not remove the garbage. Only loading data into the datagrid.

There is no theme applied. In an attempt to inflict UI events further, I’ve went in and changed a bit of the custom coloring of the tabs … no change to the garbage. I’ve cleared client cache and just about every cache I could think of.

The garbage itself is a section of the bottom left of the home screen where the statusbar says “ready”. Fulfillment Workbench is even worse :smiley:

I can kind of repeat it using the runtime styler …

But mine doesn’t have that margin (area between the image and grid container


lol. how did you mimic that?

  1. Enabled Run time styling
  2. Launched Fulfillment WB
  3. Selected the Grid area (press 1 while hovering over grid body)
  4. Selected a File to use as the background image
  5. Set Layout Mode to Tiled

Now all that required having an image file of the lower left corner of my main window.

Thank you, sir! I will be hunting this one down.

Have the user try loading a different theme - just as a debugging test. The colors will be all off, but you shouldn’t see the repeated image anymore.