Generate Lot# During Subassembly

Hi all,

Does anyone have experience with lot tracking at the subassembly level? I need to generate the finished good lot/SN# early in the process, then have that number tracked for subassemblies (which are also given lot/SN labels. We do this because the BOM components (such as PCBA’s) are often SN tracked to be sure what specific part is in a finished good.

I haven’t been able to figure out how to auto-generate this in the subassembly steps.

As background –
We were using Aegis for work instructions, task verification (QA checks, etc) and to maintain Lot#'s for subassemblies. When we brought Epicor in, there was resistance to moving those functions away from Aegis, so it has been a half-implementation. We are finally ready to let go of Aegis, but need to see what task-flows can be replicated to Epicor or need to be redesigned.

Thank you for any advice!

If the process you’re looking to emulate is simply to track Serial Numbers component parts, Epicor does not require subassembly lot numbers for that purpose… you can use Lower Level Serial Tracking (a setting on the Site Maintenance). This allows you to match up component serial numbers to upper-level serial numbers.