Get Active Employees from LaborHedListDataSet

I must be missing something. I am attempting to loop through a LaborHedListDataSet with a foreach and get the first and last name of each employee clocked in. I just can’t find the right magic combination to do this. This is what i have so far:

LaborHedListDataSet ret = new LaborHedListDataSet();
// Create our session
using (Session session = new Session("user", "pwd", @"net.tcp://server/EpicorTest10", Ice.Core.Session.LicenseType.Default, @"C:\Epicor\ERP10.2Client\Client\config\EpicorTest10.sysconfig", false))
	session.CompanyID = "Epic06";                
	LaborImpl labor = WCFServiceSupport.CreateImpl<LaborImpl>(session, "Erp/BO/Labor");
	string where = String.Format(@"Company='{0}' AND ActiveTrans=True", session.CompanyID);
	bool more = false;
	ret = labor.GetList(where, 0, 0, out more);

foreach(var row in ret.Tables["LaborHedList"].Rows)

What am i missing in the foreach to get the attributes of the employee?

Replying to my own post:

I figured it out. I had to declare the row as a LaborHedListRow. Not just that, but a Erp.BO.LaborHedListDataSet.LaborHedListRow. Not to be confused with Erp.TablesSet.LaborHedListRow or DataRow.

foreach (Erp.BO.LaborHedListDataSet.LaborHedListRow row in ret.Tables["LaborHedList"].Rows)