Get data in one field and update to another field

When users create a RMA from a case, the legal number/invoice number is added to the RMA line. For whatever reason, this process does not add the legal number to the RMA header which is required when processing a refund on the RMA. Example is the image below.

Would a method directive be appropriate to Get the data from the field in RMA detail and update the RMA head data point be the solution for this?

Any guidance on this would be greatly appreciated!


RMAs are capable of being for more than one invoice. So, for those instances the invoice # and legal # are 0.

If you are always going to be one invoice per RMA then you can do a method directive to fill that information in the header when you are adding a line.

You could GetByID for the RMA header in the line add/update, update the information in the header record, change the RowMod to “U” and then do an update. All of this would be via business objects and straight forward.

Or you could change your process and have the user add the legal number to the RMA header when creating the RMA. This would ensure the Header and Detail started with the same information each time.

Thank you for the feedback! That makes sense. Multiple invoice numbers on an RMA are rare for us but does happen. They want to eliminate duplicate steps, so I’ll let them know and forewarn them that this type of BPM will require them to use a different RMA for ones that have multiple invoice numbers.

Sorry, this would only be on the header. Each line will be attached to the proper Invoice/Legal # selected.