Get Original Value of Date Changed in Data Directive

I’m posting this here so I will immediately see the problem after having exposed my ignorance to the masses.

I need to log the change in a job’s due date upon rescheduling, so I added an in-transaction data directive on JobHead.

Here’s the condition block:

And the code block:

I’m expecting to get the due date before it’s changed so I can store it in a UD table, along with other information. But it’s getting the NEW date not the old one:





What shows if the In-Tran DD does nothing but display the JobHead.DueDate ?

Just hardcode it for a specific JobNum, and then change that job. Might want to keep the condition so this doesn’t pop-up for anyone else.

If I change the condition to check ReqDueDate instead, I get the old due date displayed on the save of the record, but that happens before the scheduling and change to the new due date.

Dunno. Moved the directive to Erp.BO.ScheduleEngine.MoveJobItem and all is well.