Get part details from quote

A part on the fly was created in Opportunity/Quote that I now need to be turned into an actual part. I create the new part number (that was created in the quote) along with a new revision. How can I get all the details from that part on the fly in the quote? I can pull the entire quote line but I just need to pull the individual part. I don’t want to have to recreate all the operations, materials, comments, etc in the part side when the information already resides in the quote.

Make sure that the Template Box is checked on the quote line then in Engineering Work Bench, you can do a Get Details and choose the Quote Line to bring it into the Work Bench.

Mark W.

The template line is clicked however the quote line is a complete product. I need to copy portions of each quote line.

You can call Get Details multiple times. The caveat is that in “append mode” any phantom assemblies will not explode.

Mark W.