GET REST API CustomerPriceLsts is this broken?


Always returns empty and Status 200 even-though data exists in the table. If anyone sees a dumb mistake please let me know.

Pretty strange, I don’t have any issues testing it out. You could try specifying the $top parameter, I’ve seen sometimes when there are multiple rows it won’t return anything unless you specify a how many to return. There’s also another call you could try if that doesn’t work:

It’s weird. I can [POST] [/{currentCompany}/Erp.BO.CustomerSvc/CustomerPriceLsts no problem, Just can’t retrieve them.

FYI Adam, Your call does work.

Well that’s good. I guess specifying the $top parameter didn’t change anything?

Didn’t help

Are you multi company? If so, are you passing the proper info in call header?

Custom headers can be used to adjust server call behavior. These headers implement ICallHeader interface from Epicor.ServiceModel assembly.
For example, CallSettings header allows client to specify Company and Site to use in the call.
Header name: CallSettings Header value: {“Company”:“EPIC03”,“Plant”:“MfgSys”}

Nope, Not using Multi-Company.

Thanks for everyone’s help. decided to use getById_Customer_CustomerPriceLsts.

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Ok maybe I’m wrong. Using filters doesn’t work, at least here. See (cli

ck on image). It retrieves all ListCodes.

Jeez, I’m having the same issue. You may be better off just creating a BAQ with parameters and calling that with REST instead.

I submitted a support call on this.

EpicCare response:
2020-03-17 10:52:06 -Mike Chan

Hello Gregg,
Tried calling you and reached ‘Laura Storms’ voice message when transferred so I didn’t leave a message. I replicated the problem and submitted this issue to development for review. We have seen other instances where certain business objects /methods does not filter through REST so this will likely be flagged as a bug. Will contact you again when we have more information.
thank you,
Mike C.