Get Session UserName in BPM


I would like to grab the Session.UserName in a BPM but when I try to access it the validation rejects it saying UserName isn’t in Session. I have C# code on a form that access it so why can’t I see it in the BPM? I am using a Set Field object.

Hi Jeanne,

I have gotten user name and placed it in UD fields via bpm in the past. I have used the bpm callContextClient CurrentUserID and put it in a UD. See below where to get it. Is this the same user name you are looking for via session.username?


Not exactly. The Session UserName gives me something like “John Doe” where the CurrentUserID is giving me j_doe. I would be OK with that if I can’t get the UserName. There must be something I am missing adding into the BPM.



That gives me the user ID like j_doe not the name like John Doe. In the C# code Session.UserName gives me John Doe which is what I want. Why can’t I get that in a BPM?

You can get the UserID like Haso told you, you need to read the UserFile to get the name associated with the userID.

something like:
var userrec =  Db.UserFile where((user.DcdUserID == userID).FirstOrDefault(); 
name = userrec.LastName;