Get the selected fields in Changelog possible?


I’m just wondering if its possible for a Custom Code to get the selected fields and header in the change log? Example if I selected Company, InvoiceNum, InvoiceDate. Is there a code to find the selected fields?

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Mei Mei

You can parse the change log by looking for the substrings within the change log text for the fields you want to retrieve but its painful. The change log is long overdue for an overhaul so the data can be properly viewed and searched.


I have some code where I did a little data fiddling with it, I’ll go pull it. Probably can get what you want out of there.


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Thanks for the answer, I did a look up on the parsing and it does look confusing and painful…oh well, was just wondering if there was a way to add to the delete log I made to make the fields dynamic instead. I’ll stick to the current one for now.

You would basically have to identify a substring for the beginning and end of each entry in the change log pertaining to the field you’re interested in, and then grab the length of text in between them. But you won’t know how many times each one appears in the change log text. Could be zero times if that field wasn’t changed. Could be 100 times if somebody made 100 changes to that field that day.

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