GetList on Specific Screen

i would like to use the GetList method on the Sales rep to filter on a specfic call. Like when populating on a quote but not sure how to do that. Every where else i dont need it.

I have also tried using the search filter on the screen and that is not working as well im doing this in 10.2.700.3

Can you be specific with what you are trying to accomplish? If you are trying to filter the reps that are returned, you may be able to add the filter to the control.

I have tried that but once I filter that control it will populate once I pull in a record or do you mean filter it via code.

On the DropDown for each Sales Rep field, there should be a property called “Filter”. This should only return records that match that filter. If that property does not exist, then you may need to use a BPM to reduce the records when the screen calls to populate them.

thanks that worked i was trying to use the Search Filter.

Yeah, there’s a lot to learn at first… HOpefully this gets you where you need to go. Don’t forget that there are 5 fields on Order Entry. Also, the Quote Entry may need to be updated.