GetRows opts.PageSize

Where would I find the information for PageSize property of Search Options? I’ve seen post where this is set to zero. Does that mean return all rows? If you do not include PageSize as part of your search options, what happens? etc.

Not sure if this is what you’re asking …

But the Options button on any Search window, gives you the option to limit the number of rows returned at a time. Or check the box to return all rows.


I’m in a customization using code similar to this:

      UD20Adapter udAdpt = new UD20Adapter(UD20Form);
      bool MorePages;
      SearchOptions opts = new SearchOptions(SearchMode.AutoSearch);
      opts.NamedSearch.WhereClauses.Add("UD20", WhereClause);
      opts.PageSize = 0;
      DataSet udSet = udAdpt.GetRows(opts, out MorePages);

I want to return all rows, hmm I could probably do a trace with all rows selected and see what happens. I was wondering if return all rows was opts.PageSize = 0; , leaving it out of the search options, or something else.

I’ll run a trace. Thanks!