Getting additional data into a custom electronic interface

Misspent my youth on this today. We need to customize an electronic interface to create AP EFT files because Canada :roll_eyes: . I can’t believe this isn’t as common as dirt, but I haven’t been able to find an 80-Byte template or C# script.

Most of the data is already pulled into the payment_generic.cs program, an I just need to reformat and use StreamWriter to create the file I need. But some info like the blanky BankAcct.CheckingAccount field is not, and I’m just about ready to scrap the whole gong show and use a datadirective on CheckHed instead of the EI.

It’s really just that I don’t know what I’m doing with visual studio. There’s a separate file called Payment_Generic.Queries.cs that appears to have what I need to get Bank Account info:

Expression<Func<ErpContext, string, string, BankAcct>> expression =  (ctx, company_ex, bankAcctID_ex) =>   (from row in ctx.BankAcct
                                 where row.Company == company_ex &&
                                       row.BankAcctID == bankAcctID_ex
                                 select row).FirstOrDefault();

but I don’t know how to (call? invoke? use? convince?) it.

If this were a BPM I’d just use

var thing = (from ba in Db.BankAcct where blah blah select ba).FirstOrDefault();

And then get my info, but I don’t knw how to do this in an EI.

Sorry to always ask the thick ones but anyone mind pointing me in the right direction?

Many thanks!

So in the context of said Files you basically “are” in the Db (bpm) side of things. What file format are you after there are many already provided?

I’m looking for an example I’ve worked with. But the gist of it is you have


Available in there and you can use it like you use it in a BPM.

Not sure what you mean - I’m in the payment_generic. cs EI template, but I have an idea that’s not what you’re asking.

My poor abused laptop just died but yes of course - I have been trying to understand how to get db and forgot about using


Thanks very much. Really reinventing the wheel as usual.

so wow, got a working prototype done, started feeling like that “advent of code” thing. AP is pretty amazing in Epicor, with varying datatypes for the same field and minimal documentation for electronic interface, and so on. Canada’s 80-Byte format for EFT is a bit nutty too.

Thanks @josecgomez as usual it should have been obvious.