Getting weigth from scales into quantity field

We are trying to pull the weight from a scale, but place it in the quantity field on the report quantity on MES, however, we only have the get weight working on the Customer Shipment Entry… Does anyone have been able to do this ? The scale we are using is connected with usb cable to computer.

Sure this is pretty simple as long as you have the scale specification to read from


Like Jose said, most scales are serial interfaces. You send a carriage return and it sends back a string containing the weight and maybe some other data. Check out the serial object in the .Net library and you should be good to go.

Mark W.

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I have setup the workstation in Epicor with the specifications and it is reading just fine… is this what you are referring to? or what specifications ?

So are you saying that you have a USB scale interfaced to Customer Shipment Entry through the Workstation set-up. Base Workstation configuration is for a serial scale. For USB it requires some more complicated set-up through a com port I believe. I have been told that you have to set-up a com port with some other software to have it emulate a serial connection if trying to use “base”


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Right now I have set it up just like a com port, however, I´m trying to “read” the data in a different screen such as MES - Report Quantity… do you know which adapter do I need to use ? I have setup a button on Time and Expense Entry, with the code to read from a com port, however, it is not working, maybe because it is a USB port ?

Sounds like u need a consultant buddy lol

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Thanks Chris… I already have them working!!! thanks for all your help :wink:

Hey Jorge, We are trying to do exactly as you mentioned, integrate our scales into MES Report Qty. Can you give any pointers on how you got it to work. Cheers !