GL Transaction Type - New Function

Is anyone aware of a technical reference for customizing GL Transaction Types? I have the Posting Engine Technical Reference Guide, but it doesn’t explain how to create a new function with parameters in the UI. I can do it by exporting the rule to XML and then creating my own that way, but I’d like to know how to do it via the UI if possible.

First you create a new revision by copying the currently active one, it will be created as Draft.

Then you do a New Function, here is the tricky part, you write the Funcion text including the parameters, for example “Function that multiplies amount by 2”, then you highlight the text that you want to convert into a parameter, in this case “amount”, then right click and choose “Make Parameter as type”.


That’s the part I was missing.

Thanks @Jonathan !!!

Edit: Boy you have to be careful with that. I assigned a parameter to another function without realizing the form had switched functions on the refresh :sob: