Global Alert for Inventory Items

This is a copy of an enhancement suggestion. Anyone needing part specific
global alert response might want to piggy back on this.

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maste r needs a buyer field.

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Here's an enhancement doc for a buyer field in the part master.

Phil Berglund, Vantage


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Detailed Summary
Right now, a buyer cannot be setup on a part in the part master. Instead,
the buyer must be setup in a part class instead. A user would like to see
the buyer setup on the part instead, or at least have the option of adding a
buyer field to the part itself, too. It would help in their situation
with a Global Alert like no. 1300, Part on-hand is below Minimum. The
Specific Recipient field is Buyer, so when any part with a particular part
class goes below its minimum, the alert is triggered to go off. They would
rather this happen with just specific parts, which could be accomplished if
there was a buyer field in the part master for a part.