Global Alerts in JM for version 4.00.904

Hi Folks,

We're starting to make use of our global alerts for job engineer/release
functions and were noticing some strange behaviours like the following:

1) when clicking on the "engineered" flag for a job on the job maintenance
screen, the global alert is sent out right away without allowing the
Description of Change Log text to be put in. The window for the Change Log
Text appears behind the other Vantage screens. This also occurs when
releasing jobs. As a result, none of the change log text shows up in the

2) When using the job header maintenance to adjust the "engineered/released"
flags, it works most of the time, but other times, global alerts are sent
out with log text from a previous transaction.

Has anyone else experienced this?


Joe Almeida
Telecommunications Co-ordinator
Information Technology Department
Royal Laser Tech Corporation
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